God Loves Me, Right?

This post was originally published at Gospel-Centered Discipleship. I highly recommend you check them out if you’re looking for other content that is rich in gospel truths. The worship band starts up and you sing lyrics you’ve heard a hundred times before: “How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure, that he should give his only Son, To make a wretch his treasure.” But the words catch in your throat. You don’t feel like a … More God Loves Me, Right?

How to Love Your Brothers and Sisters: Part 1

What is our goal in loving others? What is it that we are trying to accomplish? The world and the church typically have radically different answers for these questions. Outside the church, you may hear about the goal of love as higher self-esteem, a sense of belonging, or mere happiness. While Christians would agree with … More How to Love Your Brothers and Sisters: Part 1

Light in the Darkness

Scanning the headlines or watching cable news often brings a gloom over me. Every day we are bombarded with more evidence that we live in a sin-afflicted world. Wars. Natural disasters. Outright hatred within our country and beyond. Pastors who are disqualified from ministry. To be honest, I feel the tinge of anxiety and depression … More Light in the Darkness

Outliers, Success, and the Sovereignty of God

What causes success? That question—or rather, answers to that question—have produced countless books, conferences, and soul-searching experiences. Success is an obsession for our culture. Judging by most of the literature and films on the topic, determination and skill are the two ingredients to success. You want to succeed? Look to the example of Rocky Balboa or … More Outliers, Success, and the Sovereignty of God

Jesus is Greater than Your Twitter Bio

We use all sorts of activities and attributes to define ourselves. Runner. Writer. Foodie. Christian. Jesus freak. Agnostic. Democrat. Libertarian. Baller. Coffee snob. Reader. Dad. Mom. Reluctant father-in-law. Our social media bios are filled with descriptors like these. Now, let’s be honest. Just because I list something on my bio doesn’t mean that it’s true. … More Jesus is Greater than Your Twitter Bio